Join me on a journey of enhancing your lifestyle and improving your living space to empower you to a better Aging in Place!

Does your home need renovation, such as kitchen and bathroom upgrade; or perhaps it’s time to revitalize your rooms? Are you reaching the time of life when it’s wise to think in advance and make your home age-friendly?

This book offers the experience, wisdom and knowledge needed to learn how to deal with/what to expect from your designer and contractor. Stories in this book resonate with specific real-life situations everyone meets sooner or later.

Aryo’s holistic approach will change your perspective of living space, and help you create a better environment. Allow him to motivate you, and discover a new, vibrant and energetic lifestyle for the rest of your life!

“Create a new life with new hopes and desires, new aspirations, and lifestyle. Let’s the silver time of your life be a golden one!”